The new way to connect directly with a hospital and seek detailed information about any treatment. Accessing hospital information and treatment details has never been easy for a patient traveling outside a city or state for treatment. It is advisable to gather details like which hospital to visit, concern consultant, total cost of the treatment, … Continue reading TREATMENT ENQUIRY

WHAT IS PiCaSoid ?

PiCaSoid is an abbreviation of “Patient Information Care Software ID”. A health platform that every individual, doctors and healthcare centres can use.     Our vision is to connect every individual with healthcare centres in India by assigning “PiCaSoid Health ID” ensuring easy access of healthcare information and services. PROBLEM STATEMENT: 1. Difficulties in accessing healthcare … Continue reading WHAT IS PiCaSoid ?

The Beginning of PiCaSoid (beta phase) at Manipur.

After months of research on existing paper base data entry, reporting and various techniques use in maintaining medical records by healthcare providers, our team (basicP) have come across many learning’s & findings. Manual data collection, time consuming and lengthy data entry process, inconvenience caused in maintaining large hard-copy files, paper base medical records etc. has … Continue reading The Beginning of PiCaSoid (beta phase) at Manipur.